Sunday, November 29, 2009

Media Law Case

The 2000 case of Bush vs. Gore was the Supreme Court case to decide the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. More specific what the outcome would be in the state of Florida. It was between Governor George Bush and Vice president Al Gore. It ended up in the hands of the Supreme Court after each of the two party's fighting for the White House had both requested petitions to have the votes recounted more then once. The whole event was quite chaotic and finished when the Supreme Court step in when the recounts were going on again and stopped them from finishing stating that the recount would violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. So the case went to Florida's Supreme Court, which could do nothing but throw the case out declaring George Bush the winner.

It is still relevant today because the Supreme Court made the pivotal decision that created the outcome of the election. I think the only thing that it has hurt with democracy is that it shows that a major decision like the presidency can be taken out of the hands of the people and decided by the courts. If anything it creates question on whether we are truly in charge of our country and raises questions about the importance of voting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Postman's Technology

Out of all the new video game consoles the Nintendo Wii is the most innovative, while at the same time appealing to a mass audience that doesn't usually play video games. It is the little console that is dominating the market even with outdated graphics and the lack of games geared towards the hard core gamers. I personally would take my 360 over a Wii any day, but for my analysis using Postman's questions, I figured I would choose the piece of technology that has changed the way video games are to be played in the future.

It is hard to say if there is a problem that the Nintendo Wii is solving. If anything I would say that the Wii is pushing us closer to a day when we will be fully integrated into a game. For today I would say that a big part of the Wii is the physical activity the system is able to create with some of it's games. Especially with new peripherals like the Wii balance board and games like Wii fit, it seems that Nintendo is gunning for a mix of gaming with working out. So in a way I suppose that it is solving the problem of gamers siting around all day without getting any exercise. I have also heard that nursing homes and physical therapy centers also use the Wii for people that are not able to do strenuous workouts due to a handicap. There are plenty of easy stress free games that can get people up on their feet doing easy movements that can give them some type of an exercise.

I think for the most part it is everybody's problem who spends more than five hours a day siting playing video games. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing but if that's all you ever do there is a good chance that your not getting any exercise. Like I stated before the Wii does a good job of getting you up and getting a small workout.

There are always many types of problems that can come from new technology. I would say the main problem that seems to occur with almost all types of technology is the removal of human contact that has been replaced by the interaction through technology. The one good thing about the Wii however is that it is much more fun when you are playing with other people rather than playing it by yourself. However there can be an issue if you are using the Wii as your only means for getting exercise. Although it is a good way to have fun while burning some calories I don't feel that the Wii is an adequate substitution for going to the gym or getting outside and going for a run or a walk.

The only ones that are making any economic power or success is Nintendo. I think they are the only ones to benefit from this financially. I would say some of the game companies are also making some money, but not as much as the make while creating games for the 360 or PS3. The only games that seem to have any type of critical and financial success are the games that Nintendo creates themselves. I think this is due to the fact that the majority of Wii owners are not hard core gamers. So when a game comes out on the Wii that is for the hard core gamers like "Mad World," it doesn't do well financially.

I don't think that the Wii could bring any changes to language. It is first and foremost a gaming device and not a communication device. It has the basic stuff like e-mail and other small things like that, but nothing that people would use to communicate with other people that would satisfy them. And I don't think it has a camera that can be purchased as an extra like the 360 has, so there is no worry of the Wii being used to talk and look at people who are not in the same room. Although there are already plenty of camera devices embedded into many other types of technology like computers and cell phones that it wouldn't matter if it had one.

I would like to know what Postman would say about the Wii, but I can guess that he is not a big fan of video games in general. Just a hunch I have.